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    PLC/HMI Training

    Who Should Attend?
    You will learn how to program and trouble shoot a PLC and a color touchscreen HMI using real factory applications then take the training hardware home with you where you can continue to work on the skills you learned in class. An excellent class for first time users and those experienced with a PLC..

    These are two day training sessions.
    We have these dates scheduled for the coming months:

    September 13 & 14
    October 11 & 12

    Day 1:       8:30 - 4:30
    Day 2:       8:30 - 4:30

    The Johnson Electric Supply Co.
    1841 Riverside Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45202

    Day 1 Agenda:

    Getting Started
    - PLC Hardware manufacturer comparisons
    - PLC addressing and the different numbering systems
    - PLC/HMI programming software
    - Getting software to communicate with a PLC/HMI

    Basic PLC Configuration and Programming
    - Input/output types and configuration
    - PLC ladder logic entry
    - Timers and counters

    Advanced PLC Functions
    - Moving data around in a PLC
    - Basic and advanced math, analog scaling
    - Comparisons
    - Data conversions
    - Integers and Real Numbers

    HMI Screen Creation and Design
    - HMI screen design
    - Touch buttons and indicator lights
    - Static text and variable fields
    - Numeric data and time/date fields
    - Text table data fields

    Program and PLC Hardware Debugging

    Day 2 Agenda:

    Review Day 1 and provide more time to complete the labs if needed

    Screen Manipulation
    -  Using ladder logic
    -  Using screen jumps
    -  Using data move

    Advanced Graphic Editor Functions
    - Different types of data fields
    - Switches and indicators
    - Meters and bar graphs
    - Bitmaps and animations
    - Graphic alarm handler

    Basic Networking with CAN and Ethernet
    - How to network OCS controllers together
    - How to use network remote I/O (SmartStix, SmartMod, SmartRail and SmartBlock)
    - Internet access and emailing machine alarms

    Removable Media Functions and WebMI Publishing
    - Data logging using the datalog function and ladder logic
    - Accessing of data via Ethernet using FTP
    - Program downloads using removable media
    - WebMI publishing for remote access and control

    Familiarity with relay ladder logic and a computer with Windows operating system.

    Required Equipment:
    Laptop computer - Please bring your own laptop computer running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system with an available mouse, USB port and RJ-45 port. You should have administrator privileges.

    The cost for the training is $795 which includes an $835 HE-XC1E2 OCS Color Touchscreen Controller (pictured above), a USB programming cable, software, lunches and two days of training. You will use the controller during the training and when you complete the class, you can take the controller home with you. Upon registering, we will be in touch to arrange for payment in advance of the training. Training will be conducted by a professional PLC/HMI instructor with over 35 years of automation design and training experience.

    Email or Call Dan Krage to make your reservations:

                Phone:             513-421-3700 Ext 273

    Register NOW because seating is limited!


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