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    New Cooper Bussmann® PDB Series Power Distribution Blocks with High SCCR Increase Assembly Short-Circuit Current Ratings

    Bussmann SCCR PDBs

    With high SCCRs up to 200kA and listed to UL1953, the new Cooper Bussmann PDB Series of power distribution blocks can replace low-rated power distribution blocks to achieve higher assembly short-circuit current ratings.

    The 2005 NEC® now requires industrial control panels, some HVAC equipment and other assemblies to be marked with their assembly short-circuit current rating. Power distribution blocks with a default SCCR of only 10kA are often the cause of a low assembly SCCR for industrial control panels. Cooper Bussmann’s new PDB Series of power distribution blocks provides a solution for these daunting applications.

    Equipment with low SCCRs are limited to locations where only low-level short-circuit current is available. By replacing a low-rated power distribution block with a new Cooper Bussmann high SCCR PDB Series power distribution block, an assembly can achieve a higher SCCR for more installation flexibility.

    These new power distribution blocks can be used to meet the new 2005 NEC® requirement in section 376.56(B) for wireways. They also can be used in UL508A panels for both feeder and branch circuit applications.

    Call our Headquarters and ask to speak to one of our sales people about the Bussmann SSCR power distribution blocks! We can be reached in greater Cincinnati at 513.421.3700 or toll free at 800.447.6506. Another great product from The Johnson Electric Supply Company and Bussmann!

    Douglas N. Johnson

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