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    Sylvania's Softwhite DULUX EL Twist
    Compact Fluorescent Lamp

    DULUX EL Twist

    The new energy saving, medium base compact fluorescent lamp from Sylvania, the "Softwhite DULUX EL Twist". These lamps are now available in a 27W Twist. This high 1750 lumen lamp replaces 100W incandescent lamps and is the highest lumen output DULUX EL product available.

    SYLVANIA SOFTWHITE DULUX EL TWIST lamps are long life, energy efficient alternatives to A-shape incandescent lamps. The average rated life of these lamps is 10,000 hours and can save up to 75% in energy costs compared to similar output incandescent lamps. Since these lamps are shorter than standard DULUX EL lamps, they will fit into more applications. The twist configuration also provides a symmetrical light distribution similar to A-shape incandescent lamps. The lamps have a warm color temperature of 3000K and a color rendering index of 82.

    Sylvania's DULUX EL Daylight
    Compact Fluorescent Lamp

    DULUX EL Daylight

    The new Daylight compact fluorescent lamp from Sylvania are the four new DULUX® 3500K, long-life, high lumen maintenance products. A 13W and 19W/MINITWIST, 27W/TWIST, and 15W/BR30 Reflector, round out this rapidly expanding product family of lamps. The DULUX EL family line of lamps features products with up to 10,000 hours life and as much as $73 in energy savings over life.

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    Call our Headquarters and ask to speak to one of our sales people about Sylvania's compact fluorescent lamps! We can be reached in greater Cincinnati at 513.421.3700 or toll free at 800.447.6506. Our Columbus headquarters toll free is 800.BUY.BASIC or 614.481.8801. Another great product from The Johnson Electric Supply Company and Sylvania!

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