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    Announcing the New XLe
    Operator Control Station "OCS"
    from Horner Electric

    Horner XLe OCS

    The XLe Operator Control Station (OCS) is an "all-in-one" controller small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (only 3.75" square). Starting at only $295, these devices include a Graphical Operator Interface, Built-in I/O, Networking and Removable Mass Data Storage.
    •More compact and affordable than separate PLC and Operator Interfaces
    •Best of Class Graphics display for better process visualization and machine indication
    •Built-in I/O with removable terminal blocks with silk screening for easy wiring
    •Removable mass data storage (with MicroSD™) in an entry level product
    •Two serial ports and downloadable protocols interface with almost any PLC or Drive
    •Ethernet and Telephone Modem options cards for Plant and Remote Connectivity

    Horner XLe Network Connectivity


    I/O Expansion:

    XLe I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O. SmartStix I/O is high-speed and can be local or highly distributed. RTU/Modbus based I/O is a cost effective means of adding specialty or a mix of I/O types.

    Horner XLe Network Architecture


    The XLe supports CsCAN high-speed networking as standard, and Ethernet networking as a field-installable option. Single-point-of-connect allows seamless communications between the computer and any controller. In the diagram above, XLe 2 and XLe 3 are accessed by the PC over Ethernet and CsCAN through XLe 1.

    Todd Witt
    Automation Specialist

    Article updated 8/18/2006

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