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    Cutler-Hammer ELC Graphic Panels,
    Panelmate ePro and HMi Series Operator Interfaces

    C-H ePro      C-H HMi

    HMi Series:

    Today’s marketplace is all about how you interface - with customers, with suppliers and with your machinery. Eaton is proud to offer a new and easy way to interface, HMi. Available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” models, HMi is a true analog touchscreen (not touch cell like many devices) operator interface with programmable function buttons for even the most robust applications. With the ability to store recipes, historical and alarm data, or transfer data to a USB memory stick, using HMi makes interfacing with your machinery easier than ever.

    With the need to always be connected to your machinery and your process, communications are more important than ever. With an expansive driver list, and 2 or 3 serial communication ports, HMi is the answer for communicating on virtually any network - it can communicate with over 20 brands of PLCs currently on the market. With the expansion slot located on the back of the unit, you can connect to a parallel printer, Ethernet network or even I/O modules, allowing you to do more with your operator interface than ever before.

    HMi makes configuring your application parameters easier than ever. With features and software that give you added capabilities and make monitoring your system intuitive, Eaton is offering an operator interface solution that is really about making the pieces of your process interface seamlessly."

    Panelmate ePro:

    The PanelMate ePro PS family is made up of high performance yet cost-effective operator interface products. Whether replacing hard-wired pilot devices and pushbuttons or providing machine control and even SCADA functions, the ePro PS family of products will fit from both a form and functional standpoint.

    The ePro PS family of products are configured with the ePro Canvas® Professional editing software. The PanelMate ePro PS family of products includes:
    -PanelMate ePro PS
    -PanelMate ePro PS OD (Outdoor Series)
    -PanelMate ePro PS EE (Enterprise Edition)
    -PanelMate ePro PS Classic

    Want to know more?

    Call our Automation Systems Group and ask for one of our engineers. They can be reached in greater Cincinnati at 513.247.3700 or toll free at 800.447.6506.

    Douglas N. Johnson

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